Research Output Integration

The READ Workbench Collections (Collections) site supports an international network of researchers and developers engaged in the study of manuscripts and inscriptions with the aim of developing digital scholarly editions. The site provides a free, open and collaborative framework for researchers to publish their research output themselves.

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Collections Site

The Collections site was developed to support collaboration on the editing and publishing of manuscripts and inscriptions and to pursue innovation in digital publishing while maintaining best practices in open access, scholarly peer-review, and support for standards-based encoding such as EpiDoc TEI.

We use the READ and READ Workbench platforms to support collaborative editing, analysis and digital publishing. We produce open access studies of manuscripts and inscriptions that serve as digital companions to scholarly journal articles and monographs, and also provide a uniquely interactive, customizable and collaborative experience with these ancient texts.

WordPress Plugin

The Collections site is implemented as a WordPress plugin. The READ Workbench Collections plugin provides for the integration framing content with research outputs, renditions and result sets from a range of research platforms.

READ rendition and inscription metadata integrated with framing content, maps and image resources.